安楽寺本堂 At Anrakuji, the principal image is Shakyamuni Buddha (Shakyamuni). Manjushri and Samantabhadra are enshrined on both sides. The main hall has a calm appearance. You can reach the main hall and take the stairs on the left to the octagonal triple tower. Many important cultural properties and monuments line up along the approach. Keizo (a cultural property designated by Ueda City) is from the Edo period in 1794. It was built to store all the sutras of Tetsugen Doko (6956 volumes of Buddhist scriptures) purchased from Obakusan Mampukuji Temple in Uji.
It is a typical warehouse with a treasure-shaped roof and a painted wall. Inside, there is a wheel storehouse (a cultural property designated by Ueda City), which looks like an octagonal rotary bookshelf for the convenience of reading sutras. By turning this, even those who cannot read and write letters can get the same merit as when reading sutras. Due to ancient customs, the inventor, Master Fu, is enshrined on the front. "The Karafu Octagonal Triple Pagoda, a place where there is no day to see in the eyes of old people" The emotional architecture of Anrakuji, which shows the changing of the four seasons, will have tickled the hearts of those who visited once. Among them, there is the Kubota Utsubo Kubota monument, which is famous for "Sakai Seimei", which delicately depicts such a landscape and sings everyday life.