What is Soto sect zazen?

Zazen is the basis of the teachings of the Soto sect. It is derived from the fact that Shaka-sama was devoted to zazen training and became enlightened. Zen refers to identifying the true form and ideal of things and adjusting the function of the mind to respond correctly to them. By sitting, you stabilize your body, and by concentrating your mind, you can harmonize your body, breath, and mind. The zazen of the Soto sect is "Shikantaza", which means that you just sit intently. We do not do zazen as a means of achieving something else. The figure of zazen itself is the "figure of the Buddha" and the figure of enlightenment.We tend to be swayed by selfish desires and the surface of things in our daily lives, but in zazen it is important not to be bound by various thoughts and desires. Dogen Zen Master also finds the same value as zazen in all daily activities, not just zazen, and is taught to practice Zen meditation. Training sounds like something special away from everyday life, but it is training for us to do each and every thing in our daily lives with the same heart as zazen and continue to practice it.

Recommendation of zazen

There are various humor in daily life. To solve such a problem ... Let's sit quietly away from the humor.
Zazen will calm your mind. Let's rejuvenate your mind and body with zazen. Would you like to do zazen too?

Experience zazen

You can experience early morning zazen at Anrakuji. The journey of "purifying your mind with zazen and purifying yourself with hot springs" is unique to Bessho Onsen. If you wish, please apply at least 5 days before the zazen experience.

Experience time 6:00 am to 6:30 am
* Not held during the winter season (November-March).
Experience fee 500 yen per person
What to bring Easy to zazen
* Please refrain from participating with hair styling products, perfumes, etc.
reservation It is a complete reservation system. Please apply at least 5 days before your desired zazen experience.
Application / Inquiry:0268-38-2062
Group Up to 20 people (please contact us if there are more than 20 people)
others We also accept use for various corporate training and school events, so please feel free to contact us.