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六地蔵 There are various theories about Rokujizo, but in each of the Rokudo, it is said to be the six Jizo Bodhisattvas that relieve the suffering of sentient beings.
"Hell Road (Danja Jizo)" to atone for sins, "Hunger Road (Hoju Jizo)" as a punishment for abandoning troubled people, "Livestock Road (Houjin Jizo)" to be reborn as an animal, "Shura" who is always forced to fight There are "Michi (Mochiji Jizo)", "Human Dojo (Human Jizo)" that has troubles, and "Tendo (Nikko Jizo)" where heavenly people live. In addition to the gassho, he holds lotus flowers, scepters, incense burners, hata, japamala, and jewels in his hands, but the names are not always the same as his belongings.